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I'm Christopher!

Christopher Watson is the Financial Expert of BizRUs.

Mr. Watson has over ten years in the financial industry which also involves branching out of corporate banking into an independent financial company.  Mr. Watson’s overall goal is to help clients obtain financial security as they plan for retirement. He understands the value of his clients and has made it a purpose and passion to educate and serve.

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My Story

From 2012 to 2014, Christopher was awarded the Platinum Service Award by SunTrust Bank for being ranked in the top 3 percentile for having the highest sales. 


After leaving SunTrust, Christopher took on the role of Branch Manager with Regions Bank, where he led the branch to the highly rewarded corporate banking level of recognition called the Chairman’s Club. During his time at Regions Bank, he achieved numerous awards and recognitions, including being the top 5% Investment revenue leader in the company and the top profit equivalent leader in the region. Christopher also collaborated very closely with the Private Wealth Management team and assisted with maintaining assets of 1MM to 10MM.


Christopher has been a pillar in his community and throughout the entire U.S.A. He Co-Founded a company called The Credit Bros in 2019, where the company has helped well over 250 families become homeowners. The Credit Bros have been recognized in BlackNews.Com and received the honor of being publicized in The Black Enterprise 50th Anniversary Year for success stories. 


Mr. Watson’s overall goal is to help clients obtain financial security. Christopher also understands the importance of servicing clients with the right products and services, which allows him to utilize his expertise in the field when gathering data and research. Whether your current goals involve financial education, planning, or retirement, Christopher is determined to assist others in making the best decisions regarding their finances, business growth, and the protection of their family.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect!