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I'm Briana!

Briana Cooper is the Branding Specialist for BizRUs.

She is also the founder and lead graphic designer of digital design agency based in Nashville, TN, AutumnSkye Productions.  

Briana knows what is takes to build a business from the ground up, as she has done this multiple times. From starting her own cosmetic service, to starting a profitable life insurance brokerage firm and now graphic design agency!

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My Story

Briana was born in Seattle Washington but raised in Nashville, TN. She is the daughter of the late Gary Cooper, Orlando Pender and Jannifer Johnson. She has an 11 year-old daughter and is her reason for everything she does. Briana went to Pearl Cohn Business Magnet High School in Nashville, TN and then went on to study Journalism and Electronic Media at The University of Tennessee, Knoxville. After getting her Bachelor’s

of Science, she worked as a news producer as WSMV-TV in Nashville. After spending some time there, she noticed she wouldn’t be able to keep a job because her daughter, Autumn needed special care and she was the only one who could provide it for her. So she branched off to start her own business, AutumnSkye Productions.

In the beginning, the business was photography, videography and website design business.

Now it focuses on graphic design and website design for business branding.

Briana Cooper is knowledgeable in a variety of topics ranging from graphic design, business branding, to mindset coaching and self-empowerment.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect!