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I'm Jasmine!

Jasmine Reeds is the CPA of Biz-R-Us. With an unbridled passion and uncanny talent for all things mathematical, she is dedicated to ensuring clients understand the compliance requirements and financial aspects of their business foundation. 

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My Story

A natural problem solver, Jasmine meets clients where they are; she’s adept at untangling complex financial scenarios, creating simplicity, providing clarity, and ensuring a level of compliance that avoids scrutiny and problems down the line. Whether it’s an entrepreneur, a small business, or an individual wanting to ensure their business is formed correctly, Jasmine leaves every client with systems, processes, and tools they can use to establish and stay focused on realistic business and financial goals. 

Anyone who clings to the cliché of the stuffy, bookish accountant has never met Jasmine Reeds. She revels in getting behind the numbers, taking the strategic, long-term view, and bringing her signature enthusiasm and attention to detail to a growing roster of loyal clients. 

With her bachelor’s and master’s degrees and certification as a CPA, she has long since managed to transcend an upbringing that had more than its share of struggle and loss, eventually rising through the corporate ranks to serve in several senior financial roles. Jasmine is quick to credit her time in the corporate trenches for instilling the business and life lessons, along with the technological savvy, that left her equipped and qualified to help individuals like you establish your business the right way. 

Clients rely on Jasmine’s uncommon expertise in maximizing their investments and her insistence on leaving no stone unturned in legally minimizing their tax obligations while simultaneously crafting a long-term vision that serves them well, saving valuable time and substantial money going forward. 

For Jasmine this is much deeper  than simply helping clients start their business. It’s personal; her ultimate goal is to ensure you have tools to be able to manage your business finances and meet compliance requirements to continue your business for many years to come.


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